HYBRID60 9.00am
MAXED 4:30pm
HYBRID60 5.30pm


GUN CLUB 5:45pm


BOOST 6.00am
HYBRID60 9.00am


HYBRID45 4.30pm
HYBRID60 5.30pm


BAMHIT 8:00am
BAMHIT 9.00am

MAXED: Maxed is a class based around improving your cardiovascular fitness while building strength, muscular endurance, explosiveness, speed and much more. The class is based around mini circuits that you complete solo at your own pace. $20 per class.

HYBRID60: Hybrid is a 60 minute class focusing largely on building muscle around compound exercises. This class is built around training along side a partner, following the repetitions and sets for exercises and also having rest breaks in between sets. $17 per class.

GUN CLUB: This class is in a league of it’s own. Train the guns (biceps and triceps) in pairs for 45 minutes. Have your rest breaks while helping your partner smash out a hard set. No cardio, just weights! $11.50 per class.

BAMHIT: High Intensity Training! Join the 8am or 9am crew and improve your overall fitness level with weights and cardio. Each week is different from training by yourself, pairs or together as a class. Use your bodyweight, machines and free weights throughout the session. $11.50 per class.

BOOST: Boost is a class based around bodyweight exercises, cardio and a small taste of free weights. Ramp the heart rate up and get the core burning before the day begins. $11.50 per class.

HYBRID45: Hybrid45 is a 45 minute version of the Hybrid60. Focus on building strength and muscle while improving your cardiovascular system all within 45 minutes. $15 per class.